Arabian Palvelu Oy

Arabian Palvelu Oy is a regional service company responsible for the community yards and parking lots of Arabianranta and the premises of Bokvillan. The shareholders of the company are the housing associations located in Arabianranta.

Arabianranta is known as a district of art and design and which is bordered by a unique seaside park. There is a significant number of historical buildings in the area or in its near vicinity, like the old Arabia factory building, art schools and the villa Bokvillan and villa Anneberg or Annalan built in the 19th century. Arabia Palvelu Oy’s buildings and community yards together with their works of art were built during the years 2002–2013.

The so-called percent for art principle was followed in the production of Arabianranta: the city obliged the builders to spend 1–2% of the project’s cost on art. In addition to the art owned by Arabian Palvelu, there is art owned by housing associations and the City of Helsinki in Arabianranta.

Common Yards

The common courtyards are, as the name suggests, a courtyard jointly owned by housing companies belonging to the Arabian Service and intended for common use by residents.

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Resident Parking

Arabianranta Parking Spaces are controlled by housing companies and are generally rented through a property manager whose contact information is on your property’s notice board.

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Community Houses

If you want to book a fancy party or hobby facilities, please contact us Arabian Palvelu Oy. ja

Art in Arabianranta

Arabianranta is known as an art and design district, where art is intertwined with the residents’ everyday life. In addition to works of art, it appears in art schools, in the history of the area, and in the names of the streets and places.

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