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The collective yards are owned by all of Arabian Palvelu’s housing companies, and are therefore intended to be used jointly by the residents. This means that as a resident you have the right to stay on any yard you like.

According to the style of the rest of Arabianranta, we have placed works of art in the courtyards. In addition to ornamental plants, useful plants have also been chosen, such as e.g. berry bushes. Berries and other useful plants can be freely picked and used by the residents.

Arabian Palvelu Oy has built the collective yards Maintenance and service is the responsibility of MAK Oy through a cooperation agreement.

If you discover deficiencies or something that needs to be fixed on the collective yards, for example in the green structure or the playground equipment, contact MAK Oy directly. For questions regarding the artworks, contact Arabian Palvelu’s CEO.

Passage through collective yards

There is a passage through all collective yards. In the planning phase, it was decided that the passage could be used for maintenance of the yards, waste transport, guarding and transport of difficult-to-transport people/goods for the following needs:
– Driving connected to the maintenance or guarding of the property, the property’s buildings, premises and facilities, when necessary.
– Distribution traffic and transport of goods which, due to their weight or other special reasons, cannot reasonably be expected to be carried by hand.
– Transport of persons whose ability to function, move or orient themselves is reduced due to age, injury, illness or other reasons.
– Transport of children when an adult has to supervise more than one child under the age of 7.
– Pick-up and drop-off by taxi.
– Driving a vehicle when the driver is disabled.

Without exception, the service passage also serves as an escape route for the emergency services and their use must under no circumstances be prevented, for example by parking the car on the rescue route or in some other way.

The common yards in the northern area:
Aavikkotuulen piha (Garden of the Desert Wind), Auringonnousun piha (Garden of the Sunrise) and Värien piha (Garden of Colors).

The common yards in the middle area:
Rantaviivan piha (courtyard of the shoreline), Puhuvien seinien piha (courtyard of the talking walls), Keraamikkøjn piha (courtyard of the potters), Kotipesän piha (courtyard of the homeland) and Merenlahden piha (courtyard of the bay of the sea).

The common yards in the southern area:
Heijastún piha (Garden of reflection), Aistien piha (Garden of the senses), Kasvun piha (Garden of vegetation), Liikkeen piha (Garden of movement) and Hiljentymisen piha (Garden of silence).