Common Yards

As the name says, the common yards are yards of the blocks owned by the housing associations of Arabian Palvelu Oy and they are meant for the common use of all residents.

A special feature of Arabianranta is the introduction of art in the common yards. In addition to decorative plants, cultivated plants were chosen into the yards, for example, berry bushes whose berries can be freely picked by all the inhabitants. Arabian Palvelu Oy has been responsible for the construction of the common yards.

The maintenance of the yards is performed by MAK Oy, with whom Arabian Palvelu Oy has a cooperation agreement. If you notice that something in the common yard needs to maintenanced, for example, in the landscaping or playing equipment, contact MAK Oy directly. In case of any issues related to the works of art in the common yards, please contact the executive director of Arabian Palvelu Oy.

Routes on the common yards

It was decided during the planning stage that the passage through yards can be used for maintenance of the yards, waste transportation, security and transportation of persons and goods that cannot be easily moved and for the following purposes:

– Driving related to the maintenance or security of the plot, buildings, premises and equipment, if it is unavoidable.

– Delivery traffic and the transportation of goods which are unreasonable to carry due to their weight or other features.

– Carriage of persons whose activity, mobility or orientation has reduced due to age, injury, illness or other reasons.

– Carriage of children, if one person is attending more than one child under the age of 7.

– Picking up and dropping off taxi customers.

– Driving a vehicle, if the driver has reduced mobility.

In addition, the maintenance routes are used as rescue routes for rescue teams, whose movement cannot be hindered in any circumstances, for example, by parking cars or blocking rescue routes in any other way.