Community Houses


The villa Bokvillan, built in 1872, was thoroughly renovated in 2010–2012 as a festive building and club house. The villa’s renovated interior of the late 1940s was opened for use by the residents in September 2013.

Bokvillan hosts the Kaffila Bokvillan, which is open mon–thurs from 11–18 and on Sundays from 13–17.

Hämeentie 125, 00560 Helsinki

The premises of Bokvillan can be rented for parties, events etc.



Kääntopaikka, which is located in the renovated premises of an old bank, started operating in autumn 2009. The house functions as the meeting place of residents and the premises for various hobby clubs and events. The premises of Kääntöpaikka can be rented for parties and meetings.

Intiankatu 1, 00560 Helsinki


Arabian asukastalot ry

The activities organised in the community houses is the responsibility of Arabian asukastalot ry, who has an agreement with Arabian Palvelu Oy. You can find information about events, courses and rental of premises in the community buildings on the address:

Residents of the member companies of Arabian Palvelu Oy shall receive discounts from the price of courses and room rentals.

Contact information:

Executive Director of Arabian asukastalot ry
Jutta Kivistö 

Pia Lappalainen

Post Address:
Kulttuuri- ja asukastalo Kääntöpaikka
Intiankatu 1
00560 Helsinki
044 275 0180