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The parking spaces belonging to Arabian Palvelu Oy are managed by the housing companies. The letting is usually handled by the housing company’s own manager.
A spare key can be ordered from a locksmith at your own expense.

Error message about the parking lot under the responsibility of Arabian Palvelu Oy

Tehomen Oy
telephone 050 911 3857 (customer service)

Other parking

The city of Helsingsfors is responsible for the public parking along the streets, as well as monitoring it.
City of Helsinki’s urban environment, customer service

telephone (09) 310 22111
Postal address
PL 1508
00099 City of Helsinki

To take electricity pole into use

Contact your house manager to make an contract for a parking space and charging.
When the manager has forwarded the information on the contract to Arabian Palvelu Oy, the electric pole’s charging function can be taken into use.
After this, charging can be used both manually and remotely. To use the pole remotely, load the mobile application according to Tehomen Oy’s instructions below.

(Instructions until further notice in Finnish)


– The housing company’s manager manages the rental of parking spaces and gives out keys to the electricity poles.
– The parking fee is determined by the building company. The housing company also manages the debiting.
– The parking space may only be used for passenger cars, station wagons, vans or motorcycles that are in use. It is not allowed to e.g. store tires, parked vehicles or other car accessories in the parking lot.
– The vehicle must always be parked in the location specified in the rental agreement.
– Unnecessary idling is not permitted in the area.
– The car heating cable must be removed from the pole when charging is over.
– It is not permitted to charge electric and hybrid cars via the heating poles without a separate charging agreement.
– Both public order rules and the fire authority’s regulations also apply in the parking lot.
– If the owner of the parking space does not follow Arabian Palvelu Oy’s or the building company’s rules and regulations, the rental and charging agreement can be terminated with immediate effect.

Key to electricity pole

The user receives a key to the electricity pole. Arabian Palvelu has handed over the keys to the electricity poles to the managers, who are responsible for renting out the parking spaces and issuing these instructions to the users. A new/extra key for the electricity poles can be made by a locksmith. The user is responsible for the costs of the extra key.

The service company’s responsibility

Arabian Palvelu disclaims all responsibility for the electricity distribution, limitations in the functioning of the equipment and other deficiencies in the parking lot. We are also not responsible for direct or indirect damage such as fire, water, dust, soot, theft, vandalism, etc. caused to property in the parking lot.