Parking for residents

Parking for residents

The parking lots of housing associations of Arabian Palvelu Oy are managed by the housing associations and, usually, their rental is managed by the director of the housing association.

Notify about a faulty parking lot under the responsibility of Arabian Palvelu Oy

Tehomen Oy
tel. 050 911 3857 (customer service)

1. State your name and address
2. State the number of the parking spot
3. Describe the problem

Other parking

General parking on the street and its supervision is the responsibility of the City of Helsinki.

Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki, customer service
tel. (09) 310 22111

Open hours:
Mon 8.15–17.00
Tues–Thurs 8.15–16.00
Fri 9.00–15.00

Post Address
PL 1508
00099 Helsingin kaupunki
Fri 9.00–15.00
hotline: (09) 310 29814



Turn the timer in direction shown by the arrow to indicate the planned starting time of the vehicle. By then, the engine will have been warmed for 2 hours, which is the duration of the switching period. Unless the settings are changed, the same warming time is repeated during each day.


you arrive home at 17:00 and planned leaving time is 07:00 in the morning, i.e., in 14 hours. The timer knob must be turned clockwise to 14. The heating is switched on at 05:00 and the engine will be heated for 2 hours until 07:00. The instructions for setting the timer have been printed also on the inside of power socket contact protection plate.


The connection box of motor vehicle’s heating equipment must be kept locked and the connection cable must be removed from the connection socket when the centre is not in use.

Testing of the residual current protection switch:

The residual current protection switch must be tested in every 6 months by pressing the test button on the switch and the switch is triggered. Return the switch to operating position using the lever. If the automatic line protection switch is triggered, first you must find the cause of the triggering. Return the automatic switch to operating position using the lever.

It is prohibited to use lubricants!

Parking Rules

– The service company or the director of your housing association rents the parking lots and hands out the keys to the power sockets.

– Your housing association shall decide the parking lot fee and shall also collect the fee.

– You may only park operational passenger cars, station wagons and vans or motorcycles on the parking lot. You may not store tires or car accessories on the parking lot.

– The car must always be parked on parking lot specified in the rental contract.

– Any unnecessary idling of the car on the parking lot is prohibited.

– The car heating cables may not be connected to the power socket, if they are not connected to the car.

– It is forbidden to charge electric cars and hybrid cars from the heating power sockets.

– The use of the parking lot must always comply with the valid regulations of fire safety authorities and cleanliness requirements and other general regulations.

– If the holder of the parking lot does not comply with the instructions and regulations of Arabian Palvelu Oy or housing association concerning the parking lot, then the rental contract of the parking lot may be terminated immediately.

Key of the power socket

A key to the heating power socket is handed over to the user. Arabian Palvelu Oy has given keys of the power sockets to the companies responsible for renting the parking lots and these instructions are given to the users of the parking lots. A new/secondary key to the power socket can be ordered from a key company.

Obligations of the service company concerning parking lots

Arabian Palvelu Oy is not responsible for electricity distribution or limitations of using the equipment on parking lot or any other deficiencies or fire, water, soot, theft, damage or any other direct or indirect damages not caused to the property of the parking lot user on the parking lot by the negligence of the parking facility.